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If you make room/space/way for something or someone, you move your body toàn thân or move other things, so that there is space for it, him, or her.
< + obj + noun > I have 29 different teapots in my collection - if I buy this one that"ll make it 30.
When we use do và make with noun phrases, do focuses on the process of acting or performing something, make emphasises more the product or outcome of an action: …
We use made of when we talk about the basic material or qualities of something. It has a meaning similar to lớn ‘composed of’: …
We usually use made out of when we talk about something that has been changed or transformed from one thing into another: …
To make the bed is to lớn put sheets & covers on a bed so that someone can sleep in it, or to lớn straighten them after it has been slept in.
make a deal/purchase/offer The deal includes a $25 million break-up fee, which could encourage other bidders lớn make a competing offer.
make sth available/accessible/user-friendly One of the project"s key goals is to make the trang web available in different languages.
Shareholders may authorize a third party, such as a ngân hàng or employer, lớn make investments directly khổng lồ their Fund accounts.
Exports of North Sea oil and gas dried up và failed lớn make good the shortfall in the manufacturing sector.

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to vì chưng something that you have promised lớn do, for example paying back money that you owe or paying for the cost of damage you have caused:
The company did not acknowledge its future obligation to make good on the losses sustained by its offshore partnerships.
the name of a sản phẩm made by a particular company, rather than by other companies that make similar products:
We cannot detect anything that does not make a difference, and what we detect are the differences that are made.
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