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path bước, mặt đường đi; quỹ đạo p of continuous group tiến trình trong một tổ liên tục p. Of a projectile đường đạn asymptotic p. (giải tích) mặt đường tiệm cận closed p đường đóng edge p đường vội khúc, con đường cạnh miễn phí p. đường di động cầm tay tự do homotopic p.s đường đi đồng luân inverse p đường nghịch mean không lấy phí p. đường thoải mái trung bình minimal p đường rất tiểu product p đường tích random p đường đi ngẫu nhiên
o (con) đường § path of seismic waves : đường truyền sóng địa chấn




Từ điển Collocation

path noun

1 way across land

ADJ. long | narrow | steep | winding | cliff, coast, coastal, forest, garden, woodland | pedestrian, public | cycle | bridle

VERB + PATH follow, go along/down/up, take Follow this path for about 100 metres, and it"s on your right. | climb | keep on/to, stay on | leave, stray off | clear, make A path was cleared through the jungle.

PATH + VERB go, run That path goes down lớn the sea. | descend | follow sth The path follows the stream for quite a way. | branch off, leave sth The path left the river bank and wound its way into the woods. | divide, fork | go lớn sth, lead (to) sth Where does this path lead? | bear left/right | wind, zig-zag Then the path zig-zags steeply uphill for a while. | be marked (sth), be signposted (sth) The path is clearly marked. | narrow, widen

PREP. along/down/up a/the ~ children running along the path | on a/the ~ I think we"re on the path we used yesterday. | ~ along/beside/by the path along the canal | ~ for a path for cyclists | ~ from the path from the hotel to the beach | ~ through I took the path through the park. | ~ khổng lồ

2 line of movement

ADJ. correct | flight The pilot was instructed khổng lồ change his flight path.

VERB + PATH steer He steered a path through the crowd. | trace Scientists can trace the path of the tornado. | block, stand in You"re standing in my path!

PREP. across sth"s ~ The car pulled right across the path of another vehicle. | in/into the sth"s ~ She stepped into the path of an oncoming lorry. | out of sth"s ~ I managed khổng lồ jump out of the path of the xe đạp just in time. | ~ through Footsteps had scored a diagonal path through the snow. | ~ to He moved quickly to lớn block her path khổng lồ the door.

PHRASES everything in sb/sth"s path The tornado destroyed everything in its path.

3 way of achieving sth

ADJ. well-trodden, well-worn Her education followed the usual well-worn path of rich youngsters in the 1930s. | chosen | career

VERB + PATH choose, find Everyone has lớn find their own path in life. | follow, pursue, tread | deviate from

PREP. on a/the ~ His feet were now firmly on the path to success. | ~ of The path of true love is never easy. | ~ khổng lồ the path to happiness

PHRASES obstacles in sb/sth"s path

Từ điển WordNet

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Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. 1. In communications, a links between two nodes in a network. 2. A route through a structured collection of information, as in a database, a program, or files stored on disk. 3. In programming, the sequence of instructions a computer carries out in executing a routine. 4. In information processing, such as the theory underlying expert (deductive) systems, a logical course through the branches of a tree of inferences leading to lớn a conclusion. 5.In file storage, the route followed by the operating system through the directories in finding, sorting, và retrieving files on a disk. 6. In graphics, an accumulation of line segments or curves lớn be filled or drawn.

English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

pathssyn.: line road route track trail way